Digital Architecture

VR, Virtual Reality. Not real reality, but a reality within a reality.

Unbound possibilities and responsibilities which come with virtual escapism. Playable moments of not real time, but in real time. A sense of metaphysical feeling generated through tricks of visual sequence and navigation.

Not virtual in the sense of not existing, but virtual in the sense of not really existing. Bouncing from one illusion to the next, expressing the human form in a place only your brain can comprehend.

The choice and freedoms of biologically existing in a space which does not.

Not too dissimilar from attentive captivation found in other medias, such as written word, video and sound. Dramatically separated by the engulfment of space. Complete control over a digital architecture.

The real world around you seizes. You yourself seizes.

Venturing into a world which does not exist, but you find yourself existing within.

Every element of the environment you are dissolving into has been consciously crafted.

A game?

An opportunity?

A new method of presenting work. A virtual gallery space.

A whole new life. The ability to go anywhere, be anyone, do anything.

Another opportunity to get lost.

Another opportunity to be controlled.

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