Wednesday 12th October 2016

Today my doggos travelled up with my P’s to visit my new living quarters and smell the smells of Brighton. We scouted the coast for a potential walkies location, ending up at Peacehaven (East Sussex) we walked on the beach surrounding Newhaven Harbour near Fort Hill.

Photo 1 features Dolly the wire-haired Dachshund having a flap while I caress her lengthy structure. Photo 2 features another physical encounter with an Amber the labrador in the background. (Photographed by Father)

Anyway.. while enjoying the trip, I noticed the large cliff edge in the distance, Beachy Head. My parent’s informed me of its dark history and that I have actually been there before which raised my eyebrow. So I decided to research it.


SS130917D-1 Car over the cliff at Beachy Head, near Eastbourne. Contact: none. Reporter: none. Photographer: Sam Stephenson. 17/07/13

Main Facts:

  • Highest chalk sea cliff in Britain
  • 162 metres (531 feet) above sea level
  • One of the most notorious suicide spots in the world
  • 1965-1979 estimated 124 deaths
  • Estimated 20 deaths a year
  • Parents of a young child with meningitis jumped with son in rucksack
  • Cases of people driving cars off cliff edge
  • More than 250 bodies have been recovered from the sea bed


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