Pepperoni Puppy

For my father’s birthday I did a painting of the dogger, Ambino.

I took photos during the painting, and collated them together into this gif:

When compared to my other work, there is a dramatic difference. I don’t always paint or create with the goal of realism, I keep things rather abstract and experimental. However, I know I poses the technical skill and knowledge to create realistically, I just choose not to. This is for a number of reasons but mostly because I don’t find it half as fun. Yes, I do get satisfaction from realism, a nice feeling of acceptance and validation as a stereotypical illustrator/artist in the eyes of most people. Buuuuuuuuutttttttttttttttttttt painting and creating complete fiction is similarly satisfying but not everyone thinks its good because it isn’t anything, its just a squiggle and clearly that takes no artistic skill, a child could have done that what even is modern art hah its just created by big people with big hands and stuff who do a thing and another person gives them money but it isn’t even something which I understand because I am a boring person who goes to galleries because they are trendy. Wah. I do incorporate elements of real life into my work, and I do enjoy that. I find producing realism all the time gets very stressful and difficult as there is a definitive right and wrong. It either looks like a thing or it doesn’t. And thats a lot of unnecessary pressure, especially if there’s a deadline attached. And thats where it gets interesting.

Anyway, happy birthday Dad :))

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