Narratives of the Unconscious

For this project I had to create a film based loosely on material dug up from my own unconscious mind. In order to gather this material I participated in a workshop. We all partnered up so one person could explore their mind bits and describe it to the other, who was writing and drawing it down. We were verbally guided by the tutor, and visited a few places and encountered a few beings. My visual delve chucked up a man made of marzipan, a woodlouse wizard, an angry frog, sunburn among other things, and was largely set in a volcano. And so, I took elements of this and started whipping together me a film. Another massive aspect to this project was the notion of doing something badly. We were told not to overthink or doubt ourselves, and to just do. To make things. To not always question everything. To go with the creative flow. Instead of being stuck and not knowing how to bring our ideas to life, we were instructed to carry out the task as badly as we could. This creates a starting point to which can only be improved. The very nature of plucking material to work with out of the imagination also implicates this idea.  Furthermore, I hopped to it, encountering and overcoming hurdles along the way like a brave warrior, and I ended up with something quite interesting.

Inside The Volcano from Ella Krill on Vimeo.

My film is called ‘Inside The Volcano’ and is a 1.04 minute long stop frame animation. It delves into the farthest parts of a volcano, where strange antics occur, before erupting.

The strongest links to my source material was the volcano, and a marzipan like creature. The rest of it I pretty much made up and went with. Which is perfectly fine and sits snugly into the brief. I found that due to the nature of how I work, which tends to be quite quickly, I struggled a bit with it at first. Frame by frame is like making something out of lego really really slowly. With averagely 12 frames per second of playback, I began to get quite restless when shooting. It was only when I edited it all together that I reeked the benefits of this slow process. Also, at times I felt it was too fragmented and unstructured. Not even I was sure what was going on or what the narrative was going to be. It was taking the form of lots of short clips which although is nice, they didn’t feel related to each other. But, I put faith in my unconscious and let it manifest itself. After a while, I started coming up with specific frame ideas and started storyboarding. This was great as it was the structure that I needed. I used them as a guide and let happen whatever my mind made happen as I was recording the piece. This project was quite demanding on the technical skills of editing and collating the photos, but also of physically creating the set, props, and characters. Luckily I had some help from friendies (credited in the credits) who were able to suggest ideas and solutions to my questions and problems, such as how to erupt a volcano and make it bubble.

In conclusion, I am extremely pleased and proud of what I have achieved! I really like the film and think it is strong, I enjoyed this project not only because of what I have made, but because I found it very fun and I basically made up stuff up and improvised!! Oh and I love sound effects.

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