Christmas Card Project

Over the Christmas break I was set a project which required me to produce a Christmas card design. It didn’t need to celebrate Christmas, it was to be a reflection of my own opinion and thoughts surrounding the theme of Christmas.

The first thought which catapulted itself into my frontal lobes was to create something with the theme of the Bin Man. After all, he is a Christmas hero. I was thinking about him in relation to Santa, and what they have in common. I created this graphic to illustrate their relationship.

I wrote short phrases such as ‘Merry Christmas from the man with the black sack’ ‘Merry Christmas don’t make a mess’ and ‘There are 2 types of sack at Christmas: 1. where presents come from 2. where boring presents go’.

I then tried to imagine what Christmas must be like from a dog’s perspective.

I then drew some Christmas paraphernalia (because I wanted to)

I then chased the idea of creating imagery in the form of an ill-written Christmas list. I created these 2 images.

Increased festivities:

I make a brief mock-up of my chosen design.

This design related to my perception of Christmas because it reflects my personal wishes and desires (which will hopefully come true).


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