This is some work I have been producing over the past couple of days..

The first 3 photos show a small sketchbook I made by folding a few pieces of A4 paper and stapling it together. I created and used it to get the ball rolling on the project, I mainly drew and wrote in it during a train journey. The last 3 photos show a newspaper book I made whilst I was doing all the collage stuff. The newspaper was already stapled, so I just trimmed down to make the booklet. I started to collage and draw into the book, but only did a few pages. This is something I may come back to with other materials.

I then started playing around with drawing with oil crayons and painting with Gauche. Loosely keeping the collage theme, I worked onto come found materials using a free associative manner to generate imagery.

I then decided to create some imagery using black ink. I enjoy using ink, especially dropping it into areas of wet and watching it float and travel around the page. I was using dirty paint water to dampen my page, and so the ink kind of separated and creating a really interesting texture (which you can see in this image below)

I then jumped back into using colour

I used oil crayons, gauche, pastels, ink, feltips, pencil, biro and collage. I was focusing on the semiotics of the images. Creating images which adhere to different semiotic features such as composition, hierarchy, shape, size, colour etc. I really like some of these compositions, and I feel they are successfully experimental. They run with the Dadaist ideas of things being everything and nothing, simple and complex. I found it really fun and liberating to make them 🙂 I then took this idea a step further as I want to incorporate text.

I drew this little head with feltip pens. I then thought about how this could be perceived if analysed from an ‘art’ perspective. My idea here was to give a deep and meaningful statement, balanced out with a nonsensical one. I wrote’ THE LACK OF MOUTH REPRESENTS THEIR INTERNAL FEELINGS OF UNIMPORTANCE AND WORTH. THE DESPERATE ATTEMPTS TO COLOUR IN THE REST OF THE FACE PINK REPRESENTS WHERE THE ARTISTS PEN RAN OUT.’ *writing this out I just realised I wrote REPRESENT instead of REPRESENTS on the piece oops* I really enjoy this concept, it fits snuggly into what the brief is asking me to do.

One of my original ideas when creating the previous imagery, was to create something which was semiotically displeasing. Deliberately terrible. But I actually found that this was quite difficult to do.. no imagery can be inherently bad. Theres no right and wrong, just opinions. Regardless of this I tried. I linked my opinions of my own work being not good or overworked (for example some of the spray paints on a previous post), and tried to create a gross spray paint piece using colour.

My father was chucking out some old boots and they were very near me while I was spraying… so I sprayed them too. I think they look horrible, which is good, because it means I have achieved my goal of creating something visually gross to look at. Whereas I don’t think the actual spray painting itself looks that bad… hmm. I may or may not work into it or even cut it up and jigsaw it back together.

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