So its been a while since I’ve posted (its christmas and shit), and I’ve come quite a long way with my project. I am currently working in 2 seperate sketchbooks, one with an on going narrative/ story, the other for progression and experimentation. (my 2nd and 3rd for this project)

The first sketchbook has singularly manifested itself into a narrative about a box, I’ve titled it ‘The Bloody Box’. I started it with the intention of it being a story from a child’s perspective of themself witnessing a strange ritural. It still achieves this, but has wondered off down an interesting tangent, and I am enjoying the concept of creating work in a narrative/ story based orientation, however I am creating it and making it up as I go along, I’m half way through the sketchbook and I have not decided on the ending, I am literally combating it page by page, a classic me thing to do. I have used different utencils and such, as I found it tedious only using fineliner and watercolours, so it also works as an experiment of media.

I have been meaning to create a sketchbook maintaining purely one narrative for some time, but I was also inspired by a small zine which I got from the Family Store in Brighton. It is created by an Illustrator, and is in a comic book fashion (can be found in my archives). I would love to make a zine!!!!!!!!!!!! However, I missed my book arts induction as I was terribly  ill so I lack the skills and knowledge to make my own books, which is a shame because I feel it would be massively relevant for the direction this project is heading for me. But! There are sign up opportunities for the induction in the new year which I have full intention of participating in. But I might have a go at making my own books (if I have the time) using the power of the internet!

Also, I downloaded Adobe Capture app on my phone and it is fab. I can essentially take photos of stuff and it turns them into beautiful vectors which I can save/email to myself/ adobe cloud. It is perfect for turning my drawings into digital illustrations in seconds and replaces the long process which I would usually do of scanning my image then using Illustrator to live trace it, where have I been? In the past quite clearly.

Here are some perfectly vectorised digital masterpieces taken straight out of my sketchbooks so far:


Also, I am still working on receipts, I was thinking of possibly binding them together? I could potentially attempt to make a sketchbook/zine out of them… hmm….

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