Today we had a 1 day project workshop relating to the current project. 15555139_10210131826724160_1251528481_o

We had to use our chosen worlds and that of other people, along with a random word to create illustrations. For the first part of picking someone else’s world meeting the random world, i looked at Samurai and Symmetry, this is the final outcome:


I drew a samurai in armour with oil crayons. I just drew a samurai because I felt that the armour they wore is symmetrical in itself, however I do feel I could’ve spent longer working to make it exactly symmetrical and more detailed.

For the next part of the project, we had to again use someone else’s world combined with one of our own, and our random world, I looked at Samurai, Symmetry and Childhood and created this image:

15491966_10210131826684159_1193022092_o 15491766_10210131826764161_142768146_o

I used the same drawing I had just completed for part 1, but simplified it down to nothing but a mass of shapes.

From the start, I didn’t engage fully into the project that much and did do quite a bit of work on my actual project throughout the day, however I did learn a bit about samurai’s and how difficult it is to draw things symmetrically.

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