It has been a while since I’ve posted and done much work on the project because I have been quite ill, but almost fully recovered and so have been making progress.

Whenever, I take on a project I find myself jumping from idea to idea at quite a fast pace. I will do something and then have another idea and do that and so on. This isn’t a bad thing at all as I find it quite easy to get stuck into things which I enjoy. However, it also means I don’t sit still for very long, and projects don’t always reach a final conclusion or final piece. Again, this isn’t always a bad thing depending on what I am being asked to do, and it is usually the time frame which I have to do a project which ends the process. For this project, I have quite a long period of time to dance about with, and this is often the part I enjoy the most.

I have recently taken the ‘childhood’ world back to its roots with good old Freud. I have studied Freud in the past more formally while studying Psychology, and more liberally through my own research on previous projects on my foundation course. I find him as a person and his work fascinating, and it ties into many of my other interests such as Surrealism, Nazism, and the work of the mentally ill.

I am still exploring the ‘ritualist’ side of the project through imagery of the devil, but I hope to research more into the concept of evil, which is another one of my strange fascinations. I may also research into ritualism itself as a practice and become more educated of its origins, which I feel will help back up why I have chosen the Devil in particular.

I have been playing around with a few concepts:

  • using Freud’s theories to create a narrative of why the devil is as he is
  • the devil through the perspective of a child
  • narrative of if/ why a child and the devil would be friends
  • the devil’s child

I have been mostly working in my sketchbook (still the first one), but have also produced work on a couple of A3 newsprint sheets, and a handful of receipts.

I feel as though I can justify why I like working on shitty paper through the ‘childish world’, the idea that I child can and will draw on anything and everything. I have always had a secret love for drawing on receipts because the paper is so smooth absorbs ink and paint in interesting ways.

I am still contemplating the idea of creating a series of images or some sort of story book or comic as a final outcome, as most of my ideas so far have featured a narrative, and the project is asking for a portrayal of the worlds meeting one another.

I am enjoying this project and I knew I would because I am producing work based on ‘childhood’, and I have always had an interest in this topic, it also helps that some of the things I produce look as though they have been made by a child anyway…

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