Only a few pages into a fresh sketchbook and I have already reached my first concept/ idea.

I decided to work with Ritualism from my list and was drawing lots of scary imagery of Mr Devil (the first thing I associated when thinking about ritualism) and then thought, would a child be afraid of the devil? What if they were best friends?

This manifested into this first piece of work related to this concept:

img_8494Ritualism was the first concept which I took forward out of the list of topics which I was unsure about. I feel like this idea is strong and so am going to focus on Childhood and Ritualism as my ‘worlds’.

This style of working was inspired by an artist I follow on Instagram: lord_birthday img_8479I don’t actually know anything about him other then the fact that I love his work. He is amongst the many people I follow who I find myself frequently screen-capping on my phone for later reference. He generates lists and illustrations which I think are hilarious in quality and quantity. Without realising straight away, the list I produced above for my project is a product with his influence. How spooky.

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