Yesterday I had a crit for the project. I got to show and explain my project from the beginning to the end, and present all the work I had produced. My ‘final piece’ handmade book was received well, and I got feedback.

Notes I made for my pre-crit reflection:

  • Used a range of materials, new processes. On going narrative. Digital, added colour, gradients (re-familiarised with working digitally from previous projects) – big influence from Adobe Capture App: replaced tedious process of scanning drawings, live tracing on illustrator then editing on photoshop. The app vectorises reality.
  • Used childhood as a process more than ritualism, did a lot of work. Actually reached a final outcome/piece compared to other projects of no definitive ending. Enjoyed ability to have fun and make things up as I went along.
  • Could’ve done more research. Looked at Polly Nor at beginning & Yanomami tribe

Feedback received:

  • Scan/photograph receipt pieces – see how they look on screen. Good sense of play, keep exploring.
  • Expanding mark making and materials
  • Use the process (creating a book) again as you’ve enjoyed it
  • Think about what this piece could become, aside from an art book. Henrik Drechur – Turbulence
  • Have a go at animating, short sequences, of your characters, use your varied textures. See if the animation process fits with you and the speed/how you naturally work. Also have a go at making gifs
  • Consider scale, how would working bigger affect your work?
  • Fax paper, thermal paper (stuff receipts are printed on, machines laser burn them)
  • Shinro Ohtake – Japanese collage artist
  • Margaret Huber – Train ticket drawings

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