Tis the Newest Year its ever been, and I have put together a little book. I had so much fun making it for reasons discussed in my previous post, becoming a child again (purposefully shabby).

Above are photos of the book which I have created using found objects: news print, receipts, cardboard, wrapping paper etc. I bound them together using purple thread and completely made up the process as I went along, very little thought went into the construction of this book, this made it so much fun and (as previously discusses) directly applied to the ‘childhood’ aspect of my project. The last photo shows a spray paint attack on the front and back covers. Since I am home, I do not have access to all my spray paints, so I had to use an old and pretty much empty spray can. I found it has added to the childish/naive aesthetic. I plan on illustrating the covers.

Also, the photos show my start on filling the book. I have written on the inside front cover and first page. Once again, I am going to complete this book in the same manor that I made it: completely spontaneously. However, I know that I would like to add more pages into it, incorporating new materials.

I think this will be my ‘final piece’ for this project, I have completed 1 sketchbook and have 2 others going besides this one, along with a few external pieces of work.

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