On Tuesday I got a new project which is due in January (yay). It is called ‘When Worlds Collide’ and asks me to pick 2 ‘worlds’ from a given list and produce work around their interaction.

From the first list I immediately chose ‘childhood’, however I am having difficulty choosing a ‘world’ from the other list. I am drawn to these listed topics:

  • biblical faith
  • egyptian gods
  • hoofed animals
  • energy
  • ritualistic
  • mythology
  • medical
  • microcasm

My initial reaction was to go with ‘hoofed animals’ simply because I like the word hoofed but this might not be the best idea. I can see myself producing some funky and quite graphic things with ‘ritualistic’ and ‘medical’, but at the same time I enjoy how open and free ‘energy’ sounds.

I had an idea that I could use my definite first ‘world’ of childhood and react to each category which I am unsure of through creating child-like drawings of things I associate with them. This could help me narrow the list down through what I enjoy the most and find most interesting.

I have started a new (A5) sketchbook for this project, and am very interested to see how many I can get through for just this project. But I intend of working outside of the sketchbook on various scales. I would also like to experiment/try and produce some sort of moving image for this project as it is something which I would like to try out, but only if it comes naturally for whatever my outcome becomes.

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