The pop-up show was on Friday in the Illustration studio and contained both level 4 and level 5’s final pieces/work on the project, where I showed my film on my laptop.

Looking back over the project there are things that I would have done differently, but I am somewhat happy with my film. For example, I would have spent more time planning what I am to film, potentially making story boards for the frames, and knowing exactly what I want the outcome to be. Also, I would’ve spent more time editing, producing different cuts instead of progressive shorts. Along with trying different software like Final Cut Pro or Sony Vegas instead of only using iMovie. For me, I wanted the outcome to be more surreal and trippy. Full of contrasting shots and full of mystery. I think some shots and moments in the film present this, but it all feels a bit same-y. I originally had a though to combine some Gifs or animations either which I already had, or create some new ones and impose them on top of frames in the film. I also would experiment with audio more, play around with the effect it has on the film, changing the atmosphere and mood etc. Along with imposing a narrative by recording a voice and transforming it into something else. But, I do have to remember that I had very little time for this project, and I have produced a short film which does achieve what I intended it to, also I did have fun filming it… so yay. I am proud of what I have achieved in such a short space of time, especially as producing a film is something which I’m not that familiar with and so I had to guess how long things would take eg editing. I managed my time well, allowing a day or two for idea generation, then picking an idea and going through with it without looking back, which is something I do not do to this pace (I usually would try out a few avenues and then go with what works, or maybe combine them) but because of the lack of time, I was forced to pick one and jump straight into its meaty core. I had previously arranged to go to a birthday party at my friends Halls in London on the weekend during the project, I used that as an opportunity for getting footage so I could optimise my weekend. It was convenient but not at the same time, as that turned out to be the core footage I used for the film, whereas if I didn’t go, I could’ve filmed anything and everything. But at the same time, it gave me a bit of direction about the content, it shaped the film.

I had this rad idea the other day for this project!!!!!!! I could’ve used the memory of my brother ripping off the head of my Baby Born doll, exposing all these internal tubes which frightened me as a child. I thought I could’ve either reenacted this and presented it in the form of a film, or I could have made an installation of a headless doll with tubes poking out of its neck. Damn.

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