Yesterday I got given 2 new projects:

  • Explain, if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough
  • Explain the Unexplained, some things are hard to explain, or best left unexplained?

I feel posting about them separately on this blog will get confusing, or at least it will for me so I’m going to post both projects under the category of unEXPLAINed.

Both projects are due Monday 6th February and are linked to each other.

The first project titled Explain asks me to pick one thing from a given list to visually explain over a series of sequential imagery (utilising diagrams if necessary). I have picked ‘Explain why we dream or when dreams are realised’. I think I will combat the first part of explaining why we dream.

The second project titled Explain the Unexplained similarly gives a list and asks me to visually explore, investigate and explain something that is unexplained. For this project I am going to collaborate with a fellow student who is studying Graphic Design who goes by the name of Harry, who also happens to be my housemate. He whispered over his shoulder to me during the briefing that he had an idea to collaborate for this project. We have discusses various ideas of creating a small book/zine using my illustrations partnered with his design and exceptional book binding skills. Because there are 2 of us, we thought it could be interesting if we adopt 2 of the items given on the list, one being ‘Cryptids: an animals whose existence or survival is disputed or unsubstantiated, such as the yeti, abominable snowman, sasquatch or chupacabra’. This ties into my interests, and he had an idea of creating something interactive, like a children’s activity book or colouring book. I think that this is going to be really fun, and we even spoke about possibly creating more then one/mass producing them and possibly selling them. We are both excited and eager to get on with this project together, but are currently working on other projects, trying to get them out the way so we can focus on this one together. I feel that we have and will utilise the advantage of living in the same house because it will make it easier and quicker to get work done together. However, if we have an intense difference of opinion and end up hating each other it will make everything very awkward.

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