So me and Harryboy have been working on the project together.

We have been bouncing ideas, I’ve been illustrating and he’s been planning and developing the physicalities of the book.

We realised that Harry has been limited in what he can do, without a bank of illustrations to compose, whereas I have been a busy little bee producing them. We’ve now reached a point where we have enough illustrations to work with, however I’m still going to keep producing them as we may use all/none/ a few of those provided based on their usability.

So, to get the ball rolling, I spent over an hour scanning the pages of my sketchbook, I did 43 scans and my arm almost fell off from holding the sketchbook on the scanner (so the spine was flat) to get good scans. Here are a few..

From here, I will play around with the illustrations. I have sent all of them to Harry also, but they ultimately all need to be vectorised and made nice and pretty, which either one of us can do.

I had an idea while drawing!!!!!!!!!!! (Harry likes it too) My idea was to produce 2 books. One called ‘Shit on the Myth’, and the other called ‘Myth on the Shit’. The first one would be what we have been working on and I have previously discussed, but the second publication would be taking everyday things/objects/people/concepts and turning them into myths. The last image above is an example of this concept: ‘Ants don’t exist because where are they now?’

Something we want to manufacture more of is a combination of irrationality and wit. This is something I think we are doing, but we both want it to be the basis of the book(s).

Things are going well but I am feeling a little pressure to get it done from the deadline closing in.

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