Aha! If you can even remember… (have not posted regarding this project for a while…) I am collaborating with my dude Harry to create a form of book/zine!

Development on this project has been slow for a number of reasons, life, assessment stuff, I also have a social life, other project (‘explain’), LOOKING FOR A HOUSE TO LIVE IN SO I AM NOT HOMELESS NEXT YEAR, one day project (‘strange but true..’) and Harry studies Graphic Design and has been very pre-occupied with multiple projects and finishing things off for the assessment hand in. BUT after the assessment hand in we are both much free-er and plan on getting on it.

I have been working in my sketchbook for this project a little, creating illustrations for different characters/mythical creatures and creating narrative/back stories/ rationalisations for how and why the myths exist.

We plan on splitting the work load and assigning tasks to complete the project based on our skills etc. We have discussed me doing illustrations of characters and activities and possible hand written type and Harry doing the layouts, binding, prototypes etc. Obviously, we’re going to discuss and critique everything each other does to find common ground/agreement. We decided quite early on that the final outcome would be digital and printed. This means nearly all designing can be done on software which speeds up the process greatly! Also, with quite a bit of my recent work being digital, I feel prepared and positiveĀ to do this. I also feel there is a lot to do together, such as a lot of decision making regarding format, size, type of paper, type, coloured paper, the addition of colour to the illustrations etc.

We’re both feeling confident and jazzed to get on with the project but for the moment both have preoccupations.

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