Tuesday 22nd November 2016

Yesterday in the studio we were given a one day project which also related to the current ongoing projects. We were briefed to make a 3-dimensional composition no smaller than a A4 sheet of paper and no bigger than something that could be worn. I picked one of my pictograms, a worm, and decided to create it. We were given corrugated cardboard and masking tape to create our sculptures. I took photos each step of creating it.

15183928_10209919051884922_1578221796_oMy first plan was to cut a strip of cardboard, and slot in semi-circle shapes to create the rounded structure of a worm, however due to the nature of the materials I had, this didn’t work. As you can see bellow, the material was too flimsy and fragile to hold itself up once put together.

15205642_10209919051924923_1880365335_o15231734_10209919052324933_1998183997_oMy next idea was to cut strips into the cardboard, then wrap it in a cylinder to create a worm shape. 15216219_10209919052164929_129454552_o

When speaking to a lecturer, I decided that my worm will represent sound. It will act as a physical embodiment of sound within a space. The body will curve to become a sound wave. 15224809_10209919053164954_367635290_o

I decided to have the cardboard facing this way round as the ridges act as the lines on a worm.15215821_10209919053004950_75014069_oI experimented with cutting the lines at an angle to maybe help the curving of edges but it had little effect, so I carried on with creating lots of tube shapes of different sizes. 15215898_10209919053044951_1262358970_o 15225407_10209919052804945_708467874_oSometimes I cut too close to the join by accident, oops15225243_10209919051964924_159375388_o 15224599_10209919052004925_1713376062_oI experimented with making the cylinders easier to curve by making gaps in between the ribs, which also proved to not really help.

15231491_10209919052604940_1273396511_o15215894_10209919053204955_893075903_o15216092_10209919053244956_461339652_o15216129_10209919054444986_1871302538_oWhen attaching the cylinders together I got quite a nice view down the length of the structure.

15152968_10209919053484962_1008824304_o 15153122_10209919053564964_475962231_o 15182430_10209919054164979_447239484_o 15183909_10209919054204980_1672203798_o 15215992_10209919054244981_1650861525_oMy next hurdle was deciding how to round off each end of the sculpture to finish it. I experimented with different ways of folding and bending the cardboard and slotting it in, but it wasn’t turning out how I wanted it to. In the end I decided to fold down each rib and hold it with tape.14976130_10209919054364984_1593794036_oAll in all I am pleased with the outcome of my one day project, although I wasn’t able to entirely manipulate the worm shape into that of a sound wave due to the rigid nature of my structure. However, I enjoy the spine like qualities which I have accidentally achieved.

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