On Tuesday (17th posted late yes I’ve been busy #sass) we got a one day project to do in the studio. The brief was titled’ Strange but true..’, we had to get into groups and open a pre-pared envelope which had a range of exerts of weird  and unexplained but true stories. We had to pick one, and visualise it into a sequence of images that could offer a rational (or irrational) explanation.

We picked a story about a Kimono which caused a massive fire in Japan: The fire was said to have been started accidentally by a priest who was cremating an allegedly cursed kimono. The kimono had been owned in succession by three teenage girls who all died before ever being able to wear it. When the garment was being burned, a large gust of wind fanned the flames causing the wooden temple to ignite.

More about the story:

So in response to this story, myself and two other illustration students created this:

A big kimono!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Left arm first box: priest giving the first girl the kimono

Right arm first box: girl’s house burnt down, kimono survived intact

Left arm second box: priest giving the second girl the kimono

Right arm second box: girl’s house burning, kimono survived intact

Left arm third box: priest giving the third girl the kimono

Right arm third box: girl’s house burning, kimono survived intact

Top Middle section: cursed kimono surrounded by badger and fox Japanese spirits (caused the fire to spread and ignite the town)

Middle section: priest burning kimono

Bottom section: fire spreading and burning down everything

We placed multiple big pieces of paper together to create a Kimono shape to work on. We were originally considering burning the final outcome but later decided against it, also we sprayed it with fixative spray (highly flammable) so maybe not………

If you can’t tell because you can’t tell, I drew the big priest geezer in the middle. In the original story, the priest only plays the roll of burning the cursed garment, however I thought that the priest could play a bigger part in the story. So we decided that he was the one who gave it to the girls in secession. However, we didn’t decide if the priest knew from the start that it was cursed, and so was giving it to the girls to cause their deaths, or if he was an innocent character who saw the correlation too late so tried to burn it.

Doing this project showed me how much can get done in one day, especially when working with other people. As a rule, I do enjoy collaborating with others, because I can observe and learn how they work, and I enjoy the differing perceptions. I think that our final outcome was successful, we communicated the story through a sequence of imagery like the brief asked. However, I do feel we didn’t offer a rational/irrational explanation to why it all happened other than the garment being cursed by spirits.


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