Spray paintings

Today I did some spray painting and produced a few pieces. I took sequential photos for one of them and partially of another. Here is what I did:

This gif contains 2 photos, before and after the final addition of black paint. I took photos as I knew it would create a dramatic contrast and so could be an effective gif. This was the first piece I completed, and was a tester to get back into the swing of spray painting, and to test out new colours. I think the very notion of this fits within the Dada eye line. I did it not for it to be a piece in itself, but as an exercise for testing paint. Hm.

This was the next piece that I made. a big old face. I was seeing how I can layer tones through line and marks, and which colours sit together, trying to keep a balance. However, I do think I went a bit overboard with this piece. I feel like it was complete a good few photos back. I overworked it. Saying that, I am pleased with the end result. But I think I felt that I could go all the way with this painting and not have to worry if I murder it because I was taking photos each step of the way, so I had evidence. A strange reassurance I gave myself. *Realisation: I seem to be more experimental when I am sequentially documenting each step of what I do. So if I mess up or something terrible happens, I have evidence of what I had achieved prior. Hm. Photography as liberation to art?

This is another painting I did. I made it super fast because I like it like that. I don’t know why I wrote go home, but maybe that’s the point. At the beginning, I was thinking carefully about colour and shape (yellow and green). I could have left it there, but instead I dropped some intensely contrasting darker tones into it, and created a monster. Part of me wishes I stopped at the green. I think there is a certain simplicity which can be attained when working with spray paints. I’m not sure how I’d explain it, but I still think it.

I then created this chap. It started out as messing about. Then turned into a face, but I really didn’t like it. I then started to involve my hand into the process, mixing colours and allowing different textures to be made. Now I rather like it 🙂


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