Semiotics Crit

As my final outcomes for this project I used the images I had and created a digital collage, but I feel like the project works as a body of work rather then a beginning middle and end. Anyway here are the collages I made:

I prefer the first image, but wanted to create another one after. I did not follow my usual steps and techniques when creating these digital collages. Normally, after scanning the images, I would vectorise them. However, I did not do this, and worked directly with the scanned images. I also took a relaxed approach to cropping the removing the backgrounds of certain pieces of image, often leaving fuzzy white lines around images. I liberally stretched and manipulated the images also, not concerned with correct ratios. All in all I am pleased with what I have created. They present a lack of order with levels of chaos, something quite absurd some would say.

I also had a play with the being drawing and ink drawings:

I mainly created these compositions as a follow up of brief ideas, but I actually rather like them. I was experimenting with meaning. Kind of. I enjoy how after seeing the image of the being with an outline and ink on the inside, looking at the same image but without the outline, the viewer can understand what the image is of. There is enough information communicated for them to visualise and understand it with it still being just an inky mass. Interesting.

This morning I had the crit for this project and this is some of the noted feedback I received:

  • Meaning from process
  • “Art is what makes life more interesting than art” – Robert Filliou
  • Why stop here? Keep going, snowball out of control and play more! New sizes, matierals
  • Push your processes, involve other people, use outside sources for markmaking etc
  • Relate your work together to create new products
  • Look at interiors of packaging for new formats
  • Find stuff at a car boot sale/skip

I feel my crit went ok considering how little control and bearing I feel I have had over this project. I was encouraged to think more about the processes of how I make images instead of the outcome, which is something I agree with entirely. To find new materials and use scale. To use ready made objects, doors, walls, windows etc, and use new methods to create marks. It was emphasised that I have a good work ethic and speed, I can create confident compositions and marks purely from my imagination. And to evolve this further, I need to start experimenting with process and materials. To which I say yes.



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