The project is nearly due and I’m still floating around in a mist of uncertainty about my final outcome. After discussions with tutors, I am almost in an editorial stage. I have produced a vast quantity of work, and now I should pause and overview it (with celebration and happiness). I’m homing in on specific works that I like, and pinpointing what it is I like about them. I’m then letting this essentially guide me towards something.. .. ….. .. .. .  ……. ..

I feel like I have partially let myself down an ounce because this project is exactly me, however I have felt pretty lost all throughout it.

wwweeeee woooooooeeeeeooowwww wew wew ewwwweeewewer

I made a pile of the images which I like the mostest, and I have scanned some of them onto the electro-machine for editing. I plan to just mess about with them, since I have essentially done the ‘hard’ work of actually generating the images, now I just need to fine-tune and pick-over them? wah, hopefully I will have a fabbo idea.

With a chat with one of my lecturers, we spoke of sequential imagery. How the order of things creates and changes meaning. Specifically with the drawing of a being and some ink drawings. The atmosphere and events can be changed with a simple rotation of image. This might be something which I explore next.

I really do enjoy my ink drawings, and so opened them onto Photoshop to play about with. When I inverted them something beautiful happened:

they became almost planetary. I think composition is something which I am going to take into consideration for creating some final images. That and meaning, possibly text/type.


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