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We were set this project on Tuesday the 2nd May, and it had two different options to choose from. I chose to go with the first one, which is asking me to create my own brief and project. The brief had to relate to me personally, exploring what is personal work, what makes it personal, does it reflect my personality/thoughts/ curiosities/ interests/ aspirations etc. And so, I wrote my brief:

Manifesto of the self

An executed manifestation of personal philosophies. 

Manifestos have been used all throughout history as a collection of ideals within themes of art, literature, politics etc. They explain the baseline and beliefs of a specific organisation/ group/ person.

Brief: To delve deep into the structures of the self in context to creativity and producing work, and use this information to create a personal manifesto with the point of explaining/presenting creative thought processes exploring themes such as:

  • Motivations
  • Reasons
  • Advice
  • Ideals
  • Processes
  • Rules
  • Logics
  • Inspirations
  • Methods

It can exist as an educational insight or as an instructional guide.

It should take the form of a written list, sequential imagery, a book/zine, or a film.

I left the brief instructional but relatively vague as I wanted to not entirely restrict myself, but still have direction. After writing the brief I started a new sketchbook and began questioning pretty much every aspect of my thought and creative processes. Wow, not as easy as it sounds. As you can imagine, the work completed for this project is largely written and I enjoy this. I’ve been experimenting/playing around with holding the pen/utensil in different ways to create different marks/text. Similar to illustrations, I enjoy the naive, accidental and uncomfortable aesthetic look to text. And so changing hand posture to something quite awkward and detrimental is very enjoyable. I feel it also adds to the words, potentially enabling more meaning to be taken from them. (This in itself is an example of a personal way of working.)

Extracts from my sketchbook:

  • shut up but don’t always
  • laugh at the unattainable
  • kiss things because you like them
  • compulsiveness
  • baked beans?
  • write down your thoughts so you can laugh at yourself later
  • do things wrong on purpose
  • absorb information, let it ooze out
  • let it fall to the floor then kick it about a bit
  • do things (but also don’t)
  • small victories are important
  • go out into the world but also come back in
  • do things with certainty but sometimes without
  • do things quickly but not always
  • do things without thinking sometimes
  • be awake but also sleep
  • enjoy the primitive
  • asbestos children
  • exist within parallels

This list could almost go on for the rest of the entire moon.

I came to a few conclusions while exploring reasons behind the things which I done and do and did. A lot of what I wrote was naturally contradictory. Do something but don’t. I also realised I used sticky notes quite a bit. This was largely because I have them on my desk and  grab them to write down something before it escapes my conscious mind forever.

I had a tutorial yesterday, and we spoke about potentially creating a video. It would incorporate the sticky notes and the text, even imagery. This was coincidental brilliance as during a trip home, I found my old video camera from over 7 years ago. It is pretty snaz and I brought it back to Brighton with intention of using it for work. We spoke about creating something which would almost act as a documentary, the outcome would be the process. Going back to the idea of a manifesto, it is usually a distilled and ordered presentation of intentions/ rules/ aims. The video could reflect this order through disorder. Offering a true insight into the inner workings of my mind.

I am enjoying the direction I am heading as I did feel a bit stuck, uncertain what my outcome would be, but the tutorial allowed me to go over what I had already done and pick at it, taking elements of it forward. This is something which is obvious, but I struggle with sometimes.

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