Part 2

So, as mentioned in my previous post, for the second part of this project, I am creating a zine containing a poem.

But before I got to this conclusion, I did a bit of things which I did a photos of with the real life capturer and then I put it into the digital laptop and then I did it on here:

So far this project has kind of gone in two main chunks.

I did a series of drawings while on a train journey to and from London Bridge from Brighton. I used the motion and movement of the carriage as it was moving, and a slight movement of hand from me to create the images. I really like what I have made, the concept of the journey creating itself. The journey drawing itself through me. I have created some abstract almost landscapes, and have scanned them in and I originally planned to crop, edit, and possibly overlay some colour created through either the same or similar processes. However, I have not done this yet…

I didn’t entirely feel like this idea was strong enough and so I decided to go back and attempt a different avenue:

First 3 photos: this project is heavily about exploring and experimenting, utilising accidents and unpredicted outcomes. With this in mind, I covered my eyes and tried to draw a lightbulb through touch. I had to see with my hands, and communicate to my mind what I was feeling, before expressing it in marks. I do quite like these drawings for the concept, and they have a level of aesthetic pleasing to me. The Third photo is the exact same process, but with a frog bottle opener, using a brown felt tip pen.

3rd photo: I used a fat nibbed paint pen and drew the lightbulb, I had minor glances at what I was drawing.

4th photo: I was downstairs when I completed all of these images, and I started looking around the room for inspiration. I thought somewhere along the lines of a visual journey around the room. I used different materials and took elements of what I could see and collated them in an abstract and simple way.

Next 3 photos: These are possibly my favourite ones, I decided to focus on the bunting we have strung around the room. Using a blue paint pen for the backgrounds of the images, I followed the line around using coloured oil crayons to depict the triangles. I am really happy with how these turned out. The simplicity of the images works really well. Enough information has been given as to what is going on for it to be understood, while they still remain relatively abstract. The blue has a certain hushed quality when the bunting is imposed, it supports the colour across the image. These pieces work well as a series, as they almost join up visually. This could be something to consider if I do this sort of thing again, to create a flow between images when presented together.

9th photo: I then turned my attention to one part of the room. I wanted to create an image which would fill up the entire page, have simplicity and be descriptive. I did not concern myself with proportions or astounding realism, I just freely let myself depict a scene. I used the same blue paint pen as before, and have created something which I also rather enjoy. My next step forward would be to introduce blocks of colour or tones through different mark making. It would also be an idea to overlay a new colour on top of the existing lines, to create more depth in areas, or highlight particular things.

The last photo: Now, this image is a written out version of a poem I created while sat down making the other images. After experimenting and re-creating parts of the room in attempt to offer me some guidance in what I will explore for the project, I sat down and had a cup of tea. I was feeling mildly hungry, not starving but not full either. And so, off I went, and got a packed of malted milks from the cupboard. Little did I know that these slices of golden goodness would inspire and push me in the direction of a poetry zine.

I had a thought, followed by some rhyming, and suddenly an idea landed in my brain. I grabbed my sketchbook and wrote down many beautiful stanzas, before selecting the one I thought was best. Due to the experimental nature of this project, I decided to write the poems with my left hand. This is something with I really enjoy doing and generates an unpredicted and almost naive outcome.

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