So the project is due on Friday, a pop-up show is going to be made and exhibit everybody’s work on the project. I have to admit I haven’t felt that engaged with this project compared to other projects, however, I have still been editing the video. My engagement might feel different as I am making an actual film, so all the work is digital and not physical, which is something I’m not used to.

Here is a recent edit

There are quite a few differences from the previous edit, I have played with a lot. The most obvious difference is the overlaying of videos. This is something which I wasn’t sure that I would be able to do in iMovie as it is fairly limiting, but after playing around I found out I could. I put a noir filter on all the clips, and played around with double exposures/imposing them. I feel this works best with the lift scene, where on the right buttons are being pressed, and on the left, the character is staring. The contrast in tone really makes that clip work, and is potentially my favourite part of the video, and was of course, a complete accident. I still want to jumble around the clips and make it more nonsensical.

After speaking to a teacher at university on Monday about how my project is going, I’ve concluded that I am going to aim to present the element of uncertainty from my original memory, and also a melancholic atmosphere through audio.

I explained that I went to a party and used it as an opportunity to film and get footage for my film, I showed what I had come up with so far from going through and cropping parts of the clips. I also explained how I thought the video now is essentially a memory for me of that night, I have captured moments which I’d remember, which plays back into the project being about memory. I also said how I do feel a bit lost in what I actually want the final piece to look like, other than a surrealist film which presents the notion of uncertainty. We then spoke about my original memory, of the dog and not knowing if it was alive or dead, and how melancholic that is. We then spoke about how my film could reflect this underlying melancholy, potentially through audio as I knew I wanted to do something with sound, but wasn’t sure what. And that random song I put with the video (Mad World) now weirdly fits perfectly with what I want to achieve. How strange. I have been considering maybe getting some dog imagery in the film, but I don’t have enough time to go home and film my dogs, so unless I can go through photos and videos I already have, I may have to go sit in the park and follow dogs around… which sounds like a great idea anyway.


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