So I have hastily decided that I am definitely going to create a film. I’ve picked an idea and because there is such a short amount of time to complete this project, I am just gunna go for it. I have used this process and have already started to collate the video using one clip that I took earlier.

I make a little list of steps to do:

  • write down a memory
  • pick words from it
  • generate a story board from them
  • start filming
  • experiment with audio

I have decided to go with a memory from a holiday to Italy with my dad in 2009. We were walking around the boiling hot Pompeii ruins, and I came across a dog. It was laid extremely still in the shade. At first I thought it was a cute doggo having a nap. Upon closer inspection it wasn’t moving at all. I genuinely had no idea if it was asleep or dead. For some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to take a photo of it:

So a word I got from that memory was uncertainty.

I am now going to take that word forward and use it to create a film.

I lightly brainstormed things which are uncertain, and came up with a few ideas of things to film which would represent this: someone catching an egg, a worm when it doesn’t know which way to go and it waves itself around etc.

While I was thinking and writing this, my housemate Harry was cooking up a batch of pancakes, and so I filmed him flipping one. Here is an extract from that clip:

I am going to experiment with editing the video(s) on both iMovie and through apps on my phone to create a surreal atmosphere.

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