Monday we got set a new project about memory, it is 2 weeks long. The brief tells us to: “Select an important moment from your life. It should be meaningful and vivid. Make an extensive and exhaustive list of everything you can remember about that event and everything connected to that event… you should consider how you might evoke a particular time, place and state of mind… the outcome for this project can be print, video, installation or performance.”


Because it is only 2 weeks, I need to move quickly, and I’m 1/4 way through the time now and I am still like a bowl of spaghetti dropped on the floor.

I was originally thinking of creating a surrealist film, due to my love of it and I can see some overlap between dreams and memory. Notions of Memory. Essence of Memory. I could recall and write a memory, take key terms out of the list, use them. Or take it a step further of using the technique of association to my memories and base the film on that. I also want to play about with audio. Recording people talking or environment samples.

I have been working in a sketchbook, but it has mainly been notes and written ideas.

Another idea I had would be to look at a photo from my childhood. Study it. Learn it. Memorise it. Then re-draw it. Essentially drawing a memorised memory from memory.

I also had a thought to base the project on a really bland and boring memory.


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