manifest oh!

So I’ve been channeling my mind powers onto getting this self initiated project done.

Since I established that I wanted to create a video, progress has been slow as I would have an idea and execute it by recording but then be at a loss as to what to do from there/ how to work with the footage other than making a short video, which doesn’t really achieve what I want. So I have come up with a plan.

The last few projects including this one have taught me a great deal about how I work, which I think is important. They’ve allowed me to have a better understanding of the stages I go through, and reasons why I get stuck. Particularly the vertical project (was quite a long time ago but still) showed me this strange process of having an idea and just going with it. Often I’d have an idea, work a bit more, have more ideas, continue working and have more, by the end of it I have a large body of work, each with independent ideas which I haven’t taken forward very far before dropping them and moving on. So, for this project, I’m adopting this mentality to finish it.

I had an idea about the intro, now that I have a title, and it consists of stickynotes, something which has been a large contributing factor so far. While I was writing out and storyboarding what I was going to film, as I want to be precise instead of liberal so I don’t get overwhelmed with all the freedom and things I could do, I had an idea. My stupid silly idea was to present the entire piece (minus the intro) through the expression of my eyebrows. After writing this idea down, I told myself that we’re going to do it. The specifics may change along the way, but this is the overall idea that I am going to stick to.

I think this format reflects what I want it to about how I work. I have ideas, tonnes of ideas, not all of them good, most of them silly, but ideas nevertheless. And I know that I will get stuck and not develop this project anytime soon if I do not just jump at it and run, which is something this project especially has made me realise (what a good project).

I am also considering sound, largely phonics and some music. But that’s a whole new chapter of editing, for now I am going to focus on realising what I want to film and doing it.

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