manifest oh

yeah its summer, I’ve done some stuff.. but not that much for this project.. I do hope to end up with a video.. at some point.  look at this what i did do

While writing out the postit notes, I wrote this phrase and upon reviewing things written, I rather liked it so I took it further by writing it out a few times differently in my smaller sketchbook, and then scanned and edited a version which I liked the most. I think this could work well as a print or even on a t-shirt. When live tracing it on Illustrator, I selected the colour mode but limited it to 2 colours, and these were the colours. A slightly off black (soft grey) and a pale red, which I also really like. I think that this process in itself kinda feeds into the way I work in general, which is what the project is all about. Things happen and sometimes I just let them, I utilise fate within the constructs of illustration.



holy moly i was looking over this post and i’ve decided that the title ‘manifest oh’ is a great title for the project/outcome 😀

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