m a n i f e s t o

I’ve been working on this project as well as the given level 5 summer project.

So far I have been still exploring different concepts and ways of presenting the manifesto. I have been filming things, and this is something I made..

I have more footage to edit and collate into a video. I think I might have reached a staple processes in which I follow, it is in the form of a list of commands:

  • have a thought
  • have an idea
  • take it to town
  • imagine it naked
  • cook it dinner
  • stare at it while it sleeps
  • wrestle it to the ground
  • burry it in the garden
  • water it
  • love it
  • watch it grow
  • move on

I am pleased with this beautiful list and am now thinking about how to visually represent it in the medium of video. Making a story board is the first step, getting ideas for scenarios down. I want to maintain a feel of idiocy and wit, perhaps looking in the direction of Spike Milligan’s tv shows.

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