Monday 31st October 2016

‘Photography is the strongest way of seeing’

Given on the 25th October, this is my new project. It is another group project, we have been put into groups and are expected to produce and present a collaborative contact sheet of 12 photographs, as well as 12 individual ones. It is all about using and manipulating light in anyway to create interesting compositions. We have been told to digitally edit the photos as little as possible, relying on our creativity to physically edit them instead. The word photography itself comes from the Greek language, and translates as ‘drawing with light’. This is my starting point and something which I aim to experiment with both literally and abstractly.

After the briefing, I went home and experimented with the concept, creating some light drawings, using a lighter and the torch on my phone.

I am pleased with how these turned out as a first attempt, fortunately I have the blackest of curtains in my bedroom, which allowed me to create much darkness. I especially like the last 2 as I decided to incorporate my face by holding it still for a few seconds while shinning light on it from different angles.

I really enjoyed the process of creating them. The concept of capturing something which does not physically exist, but is just motions of a moment inspires me to experiment further. I also find it fun to see what the outcome is and compare it to what my mental image of what I have just drawn. It is pretty unpredictable, and I think it goes hand in hand with my style of working.

However, I do feel like they present the concept of ‘drawing with light’ as too literal. I intend to experiment with different tools and ways of making the drawings more abstract and less obvious. For example, I could shine a light through a cheese grater and draw with that, I could get multiple lights and different colours, I could also experiment with creating a physical filter, possibly placing a cup of water in front of the camera lens to distort the image even more. Also I’d like to play with fire..


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