Journey Project Crit

Today I had the crit for the journey project, where I showed both the zines and work done for part one and part two. Here is some of the feedback I received:

  • good humour!
  • writing is strong. Good short phrases, good flow, pace of things
  • change of scale (bunting) is where you can visually explore earlier work (in zine) at a bigger scale. it will seem more finish
  • could do something with the mundane e.g fishfinger campaign, t-shirts
  • we go to the gallery – book, David Shrigley, poems in the style of Spike Milligan + illustrate. Andrew Foster
  • keep book on you all the time to write down cool phrases/ anecdotes you hear. Internal monologue
  • its not forced
  • test out reactions with other people
  • use coloured paper, water soluble wax crayons, oil sticks

I was feeling a bit weird about the projects, but after the crit I feel much more accomplished and happy with what I have achieved. I think this is because we haven’t actually had a crit in quite a while due to study trips and stuff. This has caused me to realise how crucial feedback is and how much it actually supports me and my decisions as someone who creates.

Overall, I am pleased and proud of myself for the two zines which I have created, and the sketchbooks and pieces of work in between. For my first zine, I think I have successfully achieved everything which I wanted to, and it has been perceived as a strong piece of work.

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