JOURNEY (Part 1)

On Monday we got a new brief, called Journey, Character is a journey, not a destination. Bellow is a scan of the brief with my notes:

The outcome of this brief is extremely specific, which is something new as the briefs I’ve had before have been extremely open ended. Essentially, this makes it easier as I don’t have to decide and produce something myself, also I have wanted to make a Zine for a long time, so this gives me the perfect excuse. However, the project is only 1 week long, so similar to the previous project, I have had to hop to it pretty quick. Below are the notes and decisions I have made regarding what I am going to do for the project.

I have decided to pretty much document my journey through the week. Recording happenings, decisions, thoughts, opinions, quotes etc. I have also decided that I will produce a low-fi Zine, either A5 or A6. This means I’ll scan and print out the pages and cover, then either stitch or staple them together to produce a small book. I’m not sure how many I plan on creating, but upwards of about 5. From this physical production side of the Zine, I will have to plan and experiment with different paper (coloured paper could be interesting), the binding, and the front and back covers. I plan on using either Photoshop or Indesign to edit and create the layouts, I will vectorise as I see fit, but I want the Zine to feel light and simple. I am still undecided on the amount of pages I want it to have, because I feel like this is something which will be decided later down the line depending on design and how many illustrations I will use.


A zine, short for magazine or fanzine) is most commonly a small-circulation self-published work of original or appropriated texts and images, usually reproduced via photocopier. Usually zines are the product of a single person, or a very small group. Zines first emerged in the United States, where the photocopier was invented, and have always been more numerous there. (Wikipedia)

I started on Monday evening, and it is now Wednesday evening. I have been working in an A5 sketchbook, illustrating away at the happenings as I journey through this week. I scanned all of the pages up to now so I could start putting them together digitally, as I do not have a great deal of time. Here are some of the unedited scans: (not all are completed)

As you may or may not be able to tell, I have been trying to branch away from purely black and white work, and incorporated more colour via pencils, felt tips and paint pens. I also plan on using a bit of watercolour. How wild.

My next step with all of the pages I have scanned in is start to experiment with different edits and compositions, and learn how to use Indesign as it has been awhile.. fortunately I can ask Harry (housemate who I collaborated with for the Explain and Unexplained project) as he knows how to use it.

I am excited to finally be making a Zine, and I am happy with the work I have produced so far for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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