I created another booklet of the document, and feel like I am close to finishing the composition. I also took the opportunity to experiment with a cover. I used a piece of card with a printed title on. The paper I used for the inside is not normal paper or card. It is a very soft, quite thin paper. I realised during printing that it isn’t idea for printing on, as the ink does not immediately absorb into it like most normal printing paper, it sits on the surface for a bit. The slow absorption allows the ink to bleed, leaving fuzzy and unclean edges and marks, not ideal, but ok for a tester.

The photos bellow show the A4 paper when printed, the chaotic result of auto-pagination. They also show the booklet after constructed, and details of how the ink has bled. In an attempt to have the edges flush, I used a ruler and knife to cut the edges. It went ok however I did mess up the bottom edge, leaving it a bit wonky, but this is something which I can easily fix in the book arts studio using a big choppy one.

I am going to keep tweaking the document until I am completely happy with it and print onto different cards etc.

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