Finished Zine

So it has been quite a while. I have been given part two of the project, which I am also making a zine for.

My zines for part one are finished, I just need to keep printing and constructing them, but I have made 3 proper ones, and I plan on creating many more when I have the time. The zines are finished apart from one aspect which I can only do in the book binding studio at uni. The edges need cutting with a guillotine to make the booklets flush and neat, this is something which can be done very quickly.

The three colours I have done are pale green, yellow and blue. I do have a selection of different coloured cards which I will use, and perhaps make duplicates of colour.

So I’m pretty much done with part one now, but will be continuing my new skill of zine making into part two as I make a poetry zine.

I feel really good about the booklets, I have been wanting to make zines for quite a while, but have never had the time or knowledge and direction to make any. So this project was very helpful. This is perhaps the project where I have learnt the most technical skill. I have learnt the basis of Adobe InDesign, overcome many problems, learnt pagination and why it is so important, learnt about printing on different materials and the affect they have, and improved my skills of paper craft. I have also learnt about how I work in terms of time management, as I only had a week to produce a zine(s). Although it has taken me this long, that is only for creating duplicates. I can definitely see myself creating more zines in the future, I enjoy their size and qualities.

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