We had the crit for this project on Monday, me and Harry presented it together in the Illustration studio. We spoke about our starting points and development, as well as showing the illustrations and final books, and talking about what we plan on doing post-crit. The books were really well received! People said they liked them and would be interested in buying them when we’re selling them which was wonderful to hear.

In terms of my reflection on the project, I feel my and Harry worked very well together as a team. Of course there was obvious divisions in labour, but we didn’t let that stop discussion and opinions on what each other were doing. We made all decisions together which was key to us both being happy with the final product. I think one of the key reasons the project was successful is because we get on well and because we live together, we have more time to discuss and work together. Communication was very important, especially later down the line when Harry was physically producing the books as he did it in his friend/renowned book binder’s studio (Mark Cockram) in London, and so we communicated via texts and calls. If we had more time on the project, we both feel we could have produced both publications instead of the one, and we would have been able to experiment and plan more. For example, one of the things we decided that we wanted to do relatively early on, was create an interactive book. An adult children’s book with activities. But this was something we had to drop due to time. We have spoken and both want to continue creating books throughout the year alongside other projects. I think this has much to do with how successful this project went, how well we work together, and similarities in things we want to achieve in the future.

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