So, this project has been kind of slow… I am struggling with it a little… I think this could be because I’m not sure about quite a lot of it, and working entirely digital on the Gifs is taking a very long time to produce as I have to draw frame by frame and its very tedious.

With this in mind, I have had a few other ideas of how to approach an animated final outcome.

To speed up the process of animating a Mindscape, I thought I could experiment with scanning in a couple of drawings and manipulating them into movement. This would help with the structure of the animation and would be quicker! In relation to my previous project (When Worlds Collide), I bought rolls of receipt paper. I also have an app on my phone called ‘Jittergram’ which I have played about with before, but it is the easiest way to produce a gif. Here are some examples of trying the app out a few months ago:

It uses the phone camera to collate images into a gif. I thought I could experiment with a combination of this app and the receipt paper to produce a moving image.

I still need to ponder deeply about how I am going to visually communicate an answer to the question of ‘Why do we dream?’… hmm..

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