Working on that same Gif, this is what I have created so far..

I really enjoy the face at the beginning, but feel like the sudden bold text is a bit out of place. I do like the introduction of colour via 2 gradients in the background but again feel like they interrupt the first illustration. I think I will remove the text element for now, or at least try and incorporate it into the gif later, and I will focus on developing the first part for now. My original idea was to make the mouth open and the text be coming out of it, but it really doesn’t come across like that… I might go back to that idea when I do include text which I feel will be an important element.

I started on another Gif, but with a more structured and slightly planned approach. I decided that it would have a constant boarder going around it to give the illustration more stability and consistency. And I also had an idea to animate one of my ‘dreamscapes’ that I create in my sketchbooks. Here is what I have made so far…


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