Today at University we had a talk about assessments and my hand in day for all my semester 1 work (23rd Jan) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no pressure

Also, since I had a pop at one way of trying to make an animation (successful or not you decide), and since I made a gif ages ago using Photoshop, I decided I should do that! I am well acquainted with Photoshop itself so that makes everything easier. I also have a little graphics tablet so things are looking good. I had to re-watch a tutorial on youtube which I remember using first time round, other then that the process is quite straight forward. A con however, is that I have to do it frame by frame, there ‘aint no ‘tweening’ here lads. Good old tedious repetition!

I think watching a lot of software tutorials has affected me but I really like doing screen recordings, and for the purpose of this blog and explaining things, they make everything easier!

This is a little screen recording (real time) of the beginnings for a Gif, not sure what is going on because it was also a test but it kinda has a blink..


I don’t know if I will ever be able to create something of this standard (even through it is from 1982) but this is something a friend showed me while I was on my foundation course and it has been on the back of my mind with every intention I have of creating an animation.

The repetitive and looping nature of the individual scenes/clips makes me think and want to create an overall animation which is made up of smaller gifs. The illusive nature of the animations reminds me of scenes from the coincidently 1982 film The Wall, with their animations and artwork created by Gerald Scarfe (a person of interest to me).

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