Since I have Adobe Creative Cloud and I want to make an animation I thought that I’ll try using their animation software called Adobe Animate. After a good 2 hours, I created an animation thing where a green man smoothly transitions across the screen with his eyes and nose profoundly bulging out (it sounds way better then it is). I mean, its ok, I guess I am proud of it as a very first attempt at an animation with new software but it’s all very complicated……………. My complete lack of skills means I don’t exactly know how to export/publish it?????? The best I can do is a gif, but the thing about this gif, is that the face does not bulge..

Taaa daaa!!! Isn’t he fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because it’s all very confusing for my little brain, I did a quick screen recording of the animation which I intended to be the end result… Also, whilst making it, theres an option to test view it which opened in Safari, and I did it a few times and still had the tabs open so they show a little bit of experimentation and variation. Woo. Also, I made the fun little guy on Illustrator which I also show…

I could’ve dubbed some sick beats into that track (such as any song from The XX’s newly released album ‘I See You’) but to be honest, I can’t be bothered (:


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