On Monday we had the crit for both projects. I had quite a lot to say about the Explain project, as I produced quite a large amount of work and I felt it was a bit of a rollercoaster. Written feedback:

  • animations are good and have potential for more – these short gifs could be put together – each one being one of your reasons why we dream e.g because red, the screen could flash red
  • the reason we dream might be different for other people – interviewing people may come out with profound or ridiculous answers. Could use audio from interviews over an animation, personal answers
  • look at using different types of dreams: visions, hallucinations, apparitions, scientific, day dreams, a persons ‘dreams’/goals in life, unfulfilled dreams
  • more investigation of 3D stuff
  • first animation of green and grey is interesting, incorporate more colour into final pieces for interviews – format questions with open ended answers
  • there is stuff in the bible about dreams
  • simple final show confidence – but research shows lots of other potential, some answers for dreams could just be your writing – typography to display things/as a final piece

All in all, I am impressed with all that I have managed to achieve for this project, and all the different avenues of creating I have explored. I have definitely learnt more about dreams, and especially about animation. I got really positive feedback for both the gifs and animation that I produced, this inspires me to not give up with producing work this way. I also really like the idea of creating a form of film/video. Possibly even something which incorporates all 3 methods of producing moving image, and playing around with audio and dialogue. The crit helped me realise that all of the dead ends that I thought I ended up at, were actually the opposite, more like stepping stones. Things I thought didn’t go so well were really well received, and the comments and suggestions made really resonated with me more than previous projects, I think this may be because I did struggle a little.

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