So, I think I have reached a final outcome which I am happy with. It is based on something from my sketchbook, which I redrew and then used Adobe Capture to vectorise it before placing it into Photoshop and composing.




It is presenting a conversation between two people, one asking the question “why do we dream?’ the other answering it with “worms”. As you can see by the 2 above images of the original traced drawings, I added pupils into the final versions to suggest a dialogue between two people, as though they are interacting with each other as I felt it wasn’t all that clear. My aim was to keep it simple and I think I have been successful in this. It also fits the brief of providing a visual explanation to a chosen question. I may experiment and develop the piece more by trying to introduce speech bubbles, maybe play with the composition, introduce boarders, possibly colour etc. I was even considering making a simple GIF image, editing the text. But I am happy with how it looks now.

I do feel a little odd about this being the final end result due to everything else I have done to develop the project to this moment. It isn’t entirely reflective of all the steps and experiments that I have done, but its concept is supported by research, and I have enough evidence of everything.

I will print this image onto either A3 or A2 paper, possibly printing some smaller ones also.

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