So it has been raining a lot recently which has stopped me from being able to spray paint one of my little friends, but yesterday there was sun, so I did it then:

I used a pink Kobra spray paint, and a Sainsburys bag as a work surface so I didn’t paint the house pink. I also painted my hand in the process. I am pleased with how it has turned out, although the paint did lap up in certain areas as not all of the spray went into cracks like under the arms, so I had to spray the area more, leaving more excess on the surrounding areas. I feel like if I had a finer nozzle or a bigger surface to paint I wouldn’t have had this problems to the extent that I did. It was definitely quicker than hand painting, and has produced an even and consistent¬†colour.

I hand painted the worm, and then started painting the head man, even thought it wasn’t completely dry because I got excited.

I am pleased with how the head man looks, I need to fill in the pupils. The lighter the colour, the more obvious surface textures and marks are visible. I am probably going to give it another coat, maybe edit the colour slightly, maybe something more blue..


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