The journey continues. I felt like having a play with some clay, so I did just that. I used air drying clay which I had in my cupboard of fun things, I’ve used it before and it is quite different to regular clay, but the massive advantage is that it does not need to be fired. However, it smelt a lot like marzipan and I’m not sure it was meant to so I hope everything is ok, I don’t know how old it is..

So I created a fun little man who has his arms across his little torso, and 2 eye holes looking up. He is based on my illustrations and was the first thing I thought of. While creating this little fun man, I had an idea (which was unfortunate because my hands were covered in clay so I couldn’t write it down so I used the power of my lobes and remembered to write it down afterwards). I’ve had a thing for the concept of ‘Dream Creatures’ before in previous work, and this strongly applies to this project. My idea was to create ‘Dream Worms’. Little wormy friends that are in your brain and generate dreams. And so, I used my hands and made 2 other clay pals.

I made the big head man, also looking up, and an actual worm.

I really enjoy the idea of them looking up, they’re looking up at whoever is looking at them. Because they are so small, chances are that whenever someone will look at them, they will be looking down at them. It creates an almost human interaction between the model and viewer.

I’m not entirely sure how long these pieces are going to take to dry, but I intend on painting them, probably with acrylic, but I do have an extreme collection of spray paints (acrylic based) which I may also use.

If these are successful I may consider created more as I really like what I have achieved so far, I think they are fun and cute. However, I really don’t have long left on this project, but I can always continue working on it after the crit, but I will have new things to work on. We shall see.

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