On Friday 24th February I had a hard ground Etching induction. I created a couple of prints which I am yet to pick up as they needed drying time. The workshop lasted the entire day, as it was quite a long process, as well as being taught and shown how to use the tools and techniques safely.

The last image shows the written instructions of the type of printing we did (top one) but to break it down into simple steps:

  1. prepped the plate
  2. inked the plate
  3. sealed the ink
  4. scratched away the ink (not scratching the plate)
  5. laid the plate in acid for 10 minutes
  6. washed off the ink
  7. polished the plate
  8. inked it up for printing
  9. rubbed away at the ink
  10. prepped the paper (submerging in water and blotting)
  11. printed
  12. (repeated)
  13. washed off the plate

I am very pleased with my prints, there is something about the quality of line produced which I enjoy. I also like the slightly muddy/cloudy atmosphere of ink residue. It is a process with I very much enjoyed and can see myself doing in the future for projects.

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