Monday 24th October 2016

Today was the due date for the project and we conducted a project review/crit in groups. The feedback I received was very thought provoking. My sketchbooks are definitely the strong point of my project, not just because this project was specifically about drawing, but the difference between work I’ve produced in sketchbooks and on paper was pointed out.

I always enjoy things being pointed out about my work or the way that I work that I hadn’t noticed before, like the first time someone asked me why I always draw faces, it brings things to my attention from an outside perspective. Things which I have been doing for years, suddenly seen in a new way. Today, the difference of portrayed comfort was pointed out, I think that it is very true and very interesting!

The energy and flow of work in my sketchbooks is contrasting to that of stand alone work. My sketchbooks tend to be the home of stronger, expressive and experimental images, humorous narratives, comments and quotes, they are my comfort-zone, a safe place to do as I wish. Whereas, when it comes to producing work outside of them, some of that relaxed originality is lost. Not to say anything produced outside of them is fraudulent, but is more formal and safe. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but something which I can now work with. I think that, consciously or not, I feel anxious of creating outside of them as the pressure of a piece of work having to stand alone and explain itself, being a formal public example of my ‘style’. Meanwhile, a sketchbook holds a flow through its own context of me, providing a deeper insight into how and what I am able to produce. I have subconsciously brewed a mentality of comfort when it comes to my sketchbooks, and have piled feelings of pressure and intimidation to working outside of them. However, this cannot be applied to every single image I produce, as I love working large scale with medias such as spray paint, acrylic and oil sticks. Fucking hell this is deep, I hope my attempt to analyse my own creative processes isn’t being read by any Freudians (I have great relationships with both my parents).

In summary, today I realised that sketchbooks are my go to place to be creative, this really isn’t a bad thing at all! I had just never noticed how much more comfortable I feel in them when compared to producing work outside of them.

Below: Scans of pages from current sketchbook

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