Wednesday 19th October 2016

As part of my current project, I have been asked to produce work expressing what ‘drawing/image making’ means to me. This project was set at the beginning of this month, and already I have considered many different ideas and concepts, here are a few quotes from my notebook:

  • The beginning is nothing but a transition to the ending, the end is created when started, working towards the end, the point of drawing is to finish the drawing, the drawing created itself is reflective of this process/journey. It is a visual recording of existence. Can a drawing ever be finished? Fatalism.
  • Drawing is birth, the creation of new, its existence is a record of decisions moments thoughts feelings, it can never be physically repeated exactly the same (what about print methods?)
  • Drawing as a philosophy, physically manifested through lines, everything is fragmented, made up of smaller decisions or actions, a record of conscious and unconscious decisions, evidence of thought, drawing reflective and expressive of my inner being.
  • Process vs outcome.
  • Drawing as a conversation with myself, internal dialogue, mental and physical – outcome as evidence of this, communication.
  • Drawing as an unpredictable process, drawing with left hand/drawing everything backwards. Harder to physically and mentally control the outcome.
  • Drawing as a stream of consciousness.
  • Drawing as fiction, a false reality, I draw lies, I do not create truth, escapism – fictitious universe of alternate reality, impulsive, irrational, thoughtless.

As you can see, there has been a lot going on. I feel as though I may have finally settled on the last point. It weaves together some of the earlier concepts, and I feel happy with moving forward with it. All throughout this process of discovery I have been producing work in sketchbooks and on paper, but now I can base my research on this concept and produce work which supports it.

I have to say, this project has been rather eye-opening! It has caused me to question the very sole of what I do and what it means to me, and has allowed me to think about drawing from a new perspective. But I naturally pursued questions of deeper meaning, exploring more of the psychological concepts of drawing rather than the physical ideals e.g. to accurately and realistically depict a scene or face, because to me, drawing is more about self expression and spontaneity.

Now I have to experiment with different medias, materials and methods/techniques of drawing. I plan to create a drawing or drawings which provide an insight into what I naturally draw. My own fictitious reality of shapes, lines, dots, creatures, faces, scenes etc. As I feel this will successfully present what drawing means to me: the opportunity to freely create fiction.

Below: A3 newsprint drawing in process started yesterday in the studio (click to see bigger)

Mental Landscape

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