Yesterday in the studio we had a day project where we were told to create a short video presenting a journey using a blue screen. Paul Sermon came in the studio and did a talk about blue screen, his work, and the journey project. We got into groups and decided what it is we wanted to do. Each group got a different time to use the blue screen setup and film. After a long discussion, we decided that we wanted to essentially reenact birth. Originally we were going to make it surreal and psychedelic, have a baby being born with a baby in its arms, the mother was the baby, pigeons and flowers falling and floating around. But we ended up just creating a birth scene. Here are photos and clips from making the props: a box representative of the old birth canal, a baby, and flowers. We used a cardboard box covered with pink sugar paper and red tissue paper on the inside, and other coloured paper.


For the final video we overlaid the previous take of the birthing, to create 2 babies floating about. However, I do not have the file of the actual recording, only these videos. As soon as I get a copy of the video, I will upload it and place it on this post.


So I have got hold of the video which we generated on this day, here it is:

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