Wednesday 16th November 2016

Today and yesterday I started on drawing out my bats. I started with pen, then brush pen, and then I used black ink and a paint brush. I have completed numerous pages of drawings (outside of a sketchbook ooh!), experimenting with different styles of creating the pictograms. However, I have now reached a style which I like, and have subsequently created a few images in this style.

When I have completed 10 I will scan each of them, possible tweak them a little bit to make lines cleaner and more even, and practice composing them. I’ll use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to do this. I will then work to complete 20 more pictograms of whatever object I pick.

So far I am pleased with what I have produced, however I am a little unsure if they truly fit the category of pictogram as although they are simple, they still hold a fair bit of detail. I am intentionally getting stuck into this project straight away as I am trying to create a good work ethic of working daily, but also because I feel both these projects are quite demanding in terms of specific final outcomes.

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