I found a newspaper and started cutting it up and sticking it back together, mainly focusing on words. Most of the type I selected and cut out from different parts of the newspaper and placed it together in a specific order, some was more random. The image of lots of rectangles of red and flesh tones, including parts of a face, I dropped onto the page and glue in the place it fell.

I really enjoy creating these narratives using a few selected words. An idea could be to get other people to cut out words and images and place them together myself. I want to try incorporating more imagery, creating more complex compositions. I also want to try something called ‘blackout poetry’, it is often done with books but can be achieved with essentially any written text. To do it I would get a piece of text and with a black pen (or any utensil) and fill in spaces around words, leaving just a few highlighted.

I enjoy the concept of using already existing materials. Not only is it cheap (in this context) but it plays with Duchamp’s concepts of creating art from ready made materials. With the amounts of litter and pollution which already exist in the world, I like to think using pre-existing materials is also a little bit greener 🙂

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